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Christopher Milner


Christopher Milner, Co-Founder and CTO of GlowPay, is a seasoned data science expert with a passion for leveraging technology to transform the financial services industry. With a strong background in credit risk, workflow automation, digital marketing, and predictive modelling, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the GlowPay team.

Prior to co-founding GlowPay, Chris was the Founder and CEO of Badger Labs, where he led the development of innovative solutions in the information technology and financial services industry. He also held several key roles at Credit Corp, where he managed end-to-end analytics, data science, and credit risk modelling across the entire lending lifecycle.

Chris is known for his strategic thinking, technical expertise, and commitment to improving financial wellbeing. As the CTO of GlowPay, he's dedicated to creating unique wellbeing benefits that reduce financial stress and empower employees. Chris holds a Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Studies and Finance from The Australian National University and has studied International Business at Waseda University.

In his free time, Chris enjoys music, blockchain, diving and globetrotting.

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Christopher Milner
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