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Empower Your Employees with Financial Wellness

Together, let's redefine financial wellbeing in the workplace

Transform Your Workplace with GlowPay

At GlowPay, we believe that financial stress should not get in the way of your employees' health and wellbeing. Our zero-cost instalment plans cover expenses such as medical costs, allied health therapy, veterinary bills, holidays and travel, gym memberships, education costs, and other wellness-related expenses. Improve your employees' financial wellness and transform your workplace. Let us show you how.

Financial Flexibility

GlowPay offers employees the financial flexibility to manage unforeseen expenses, spread out their health and wellbeing costs, and reduce unexpected financial shocks.

Enhanced Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Employees experiencing financial stress often struggle with distraction and reduced employee productivity in the workplace. Our GlowPay program aims to address this by equipping employees with the resources they need to overcome financial challenges effectively.

Stress Reduction and Improved Well-being

GlowPay aims to alleviate financial stress by providing a safety net that spreads out repayments. By reducing the burden of immediate financial concerns, employees can experience a greater sense of peace of mind, improved mental health, and enhanced work-life balance.

A Tangible Difference for Your Employees

At GlowPay, we believe we can make a tangible difference in the financial wellbeing of your employees. By offering financial flexibility, reducing stress, and fostering empowerment, this program helps create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Financial stress has a significant impact on employee wellbeing

At GlowPay, we understand the importance of addressing financial stress in the workplace.


Studies show that financial stress leads to increased absenteeism, decreased employee productivity, and lower job satisfaction. Nearly 40% of employees struggle to make ends meet, and financial shocks such as medical expenses and reduced work hours further exacerbate the issue.


At GlowPay, we offer a financial wellness solution to address this challenge. Our tailored financial wellbeing solutions, including employer-sponsored repayment plans, alleviate financial stress and empower employees to manage unexpected expenses. By investing in your employees' financial well-being, you can create a more engaged and productive workforce while improving retention rates.


Let GlowPay and Glow Payments be your partner in enhancing employee financial wellness for a stronger and more successful organisation.

Studies show a significant percentage of employees are facing financial challenges.

2 out of 5 full-time employees live month to month.

They are almost twice as likely to be actively searching for a new job.

Financial shocks such as medical expenses, reduced work hours, and fraud further exacerbate the issue.

Almost half of employees have experienced these issues. These employees report more than two days of 'presentee-ism' i.e. lost productivity each month.

Existing solutions often fall short in addressing this widespread problem.

Wellness programs often don't include financial well-being. Wage 'streaming' is convenient but reduces take-home pay, increasing financial stress.

Health and Well-being Instalment Plans

With GlowPay, by Glow Payments, you have the flexibility to use zero-cost instalment plans to suit your needs and lifestyle. Whether it's covering unexpected medical expenses, financing home repairs, planning a weekend away, investing in professional development courses, or looking after your family pet, GlowPay has you covered.

Our program empowers you to make these purchases without stress, allowing you to spread out repayments over time. GlowPay provides the financial flexibility you need to make important purchases and achieve your goals. Experience the freedom of choice and peace of mind with GlowPay.

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Transform Your Workplace
with GlowPay

At GlowPay, we understand that financial stress can take a toll on employees, affecting their overall wellbeing, job satisfaction, and productivity. That's why we believe in providing innovative solutions to enhance employee financial wellness. Our employer-sponsored repayment plans are designed to empower employees and help them navigate unexpected financial challenges with ease. Let us show you how.

Take the First Step Towards Financial Wellness

Join leading companies that have already transformed their workplace with GlowPay. Improve your employees' financial wellbeing and reduce their financial stress, for increased focus and employee productivity. Get started today.

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