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Smooth Out Life's Lumpy Expenses

Amid the relentless challenges of the rising cost of living, you deserve financial control. That's why enlightened Aussies use GlowPay, a savvy tool for smoothing expenses over time.  

Convert Big Expenses Into Small Manageable Instalments

Empowering Financial Freedom for Australians

Eligible GlowPay Expenses

Vet Bills

Dental Bills

Medical Bills




Home Improvements

Education Expenses

Fitness Expenses

Car Repairs

Car Rego

Computers and Electronic

Sports Equipment

School Fees

and much more!

Ineligible GlowPay Expenses

Food and Groceries

Restaurants, Bars and Takeaway

Rent and Mortgage Payments


Cash Purchases

Cash Withdrawals

Casino's and Gambling

Phone and Internet Bills

Loan Repayments

Share Purchases

Public Transport

Financial Flexibility

Covering a vast range of expenses, including medical costs, allied health therapy, veterinary bills, holidays, gym memberships, education costs, and more.

Payment Control

Tailor terms from 3 to 12 months to suit your own unique financial situation, making it easy to stay on track and achieve financial goals with simple, regular repayments.

Zero Interest

Unlike existing options, GlowPay's instalment plans come with zero interest. GlowPay provides value for anyone looking to smooth and manage their expenses. 

Savvy Budget Tips

Discover money-saving hacks with GlowPay's Savvy Budget Tips. Our in-app feature offers quick, practical strategies to stretch your budget further. Simplify your spending and enjoy more of life's pleasures without the financial stress.  

How It Works


GlowPay - Step 1 - Employees sign-up and link securely to their bank accounts, using their employer's registration code

Sign-up and link securely to accounts using Open Banking


GlowPay - Step 2 - Nominate a health or wellbeing related transaction to transform into an instalment plan

Select a transaction from your expenses to transform into an instalment plan


GlowPay - Step 3 - Receive cash in your account, to pay back in manageable regular instalments

Then receive cash in your own account, to pay back in manageable regular instalments

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