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Financial Assistance at GlowPay 

If you are struggling to meet your GlowPay repayments, applying for financial assistance could be the right step. It’s extra support to help you get back on track.

Hardship Policy

At GlowPay, we understand that life can be unpredictable and sometimes challenging. Financial hardship can happen to anyone, and we are committed to supporting our customers during these difficult times.


If you are struggling to make your repayments we encourage you to speak to us as soon as possible so we can help find a solution that suits your needs.

What is Financial Hardship?

Financial hardship is a situation where a customer is willing and has the intention to pay but is unable to meet their repayments due to unforeseen circumstances. 

These circumstances may include:

  • Loss of income, such as job loss or a reduction in pay

  • Significant life events, such as a relationship breakdown or death in the family

  • Injury or illness

  • Natural disasters

  • Family violence

  • Other unique situations that contribute to financial hardship


How Can We Help?

If you're experiencing financial hardship, we're here to help. Our dedicated support team will work with you to understand your individual circumstances and explore the options available to help improve your situation. This may involve:

  • Adjusting your payment dates

  • Arranging a payment plan that suits your needs


How to Apply for Hardship Assistance

If you're struggling to meet your repayments, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. The sooner you talk to us, the better.

To apply for hardship assistance, please contact our customer care team at or by phone 1300 12 4569. We will ask you questions about your situation to ensure we provide you with the right assistance. All requests for assistance will be treated in the strictest confidence as we work together to find a solution.

You can nominate someone to discuss your request for help if you prefer.


Other Resources

If you need additional support, consider reaching out to the National Debt Helpline not-for-profit service. They can provide advice on how to manage your finances and navigate through financial hardship.


Remember, you're not alone in this. We're here to help you get back on track.

Last updated 19 June 2023

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